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May 18, 2021

International Coding Elite Challenge
2021 (Hong Kong & Macau)

ICE Challenge is an international competition that assembles APAC’s most promising young coders to compete, program and learn from one another. ICE Challenge uses the most innovative software and challenges to inspire young people to think outside of the box, demonstrate resilience and overcome difficulties.

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CodeCombat is a gamified online coding learning platform that engages students with basic building blocks of Python, the fastest growing programming language.

12 million



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ages and levels

1. Learn Python

Navigate through CodeCombat’s learning map and problem solve through each level!

  • Beginner friendly (welcome P1 to S6 students)
  • Text-based coding
  • Access on web browser

2. Compete in the Arena

Put your skills to the test in CodeCombat’s special arena and see your results on the leaderboard!

  • Real time leaderboard and stats
  • Build strategy and plan your moves
  • Use coding to solve problems


Free Python training workshops by ICT Panel

Students will be equipped with Python fundamentals, the most in-demand programming language, and competition tips to put their best foot forward.

Chance to code and compete in International Championships

Outstanding students will be nominated to represent Hong Kong and Macau to participate some of the largest international coding championships.

Flexible online participation for all students

Students from all P1 to S6 grade levels can join the workshops, even remotely on their own devices. The final is To Be Announced.

Chance to learn from a HKUST professor

Winning students of the screening round will get a chance to learn artificial intelligence/ electronics from a university professor.

Testimonial from a Code Quest 2020 Winner

If you are using mobile device, click here to watch the video.

Winners of ICE Challenge will be nominated to participate in Code Quest Global Final Competition.


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