Final Day Rules and Regulations

  • Contestants are divided into two divisions: Primary School Division and Secondary School Division. For the final competition, contestants are not further divided into School Division and Open Division.
  • Contestants should note that photos and videos may be taken during the competition and publicized for future promotional purposes.
  • Contestants should bring their Hong Kong Identity Card/Student ID Card / other photo ID for identification on the final competition day (if a photo ID is not available, please bring along student handbook / student octopus card for identity verification).

Before Proceeding to the Competition Venue:

  • Contestants with the following conditions MUST NOT go to the competition venue:
    • Having symptoms of COVID-19, such as having a fever (oral temperature 37.5°C, tympanic temperature 38°C or above), symptoms of acute respiratory tract infection (such as a cough or shortness of breath) or sudden loss of sense of taste or smell, etc.
    • Undergoing mandatory quarantine or still awaiting test results of COVID-19 compulsory testing today, i.e. the day of test.

Before the Competition:

  • Contestants must check their body temperature, wear a surgical mask (with the nose, mouth and chin fully covered, masks with valves are not acceptable) and complete a Health Declaration Form upon arrival at the entrance of the competition venue. 
  • Contestants who make false, incomplete or misleading declarations will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Registration will start at 12:00 noon. Contestants should avoid arriving earlier than registration time nor gathering near the entrance.
  • After going through the temperature screening, contestants may proceed to the competition venue. Contestants will be asked to present their photo ID, and remove the mask temporarily for identity verification.
  • The above process will be strictly enforced.
  • Contestants will be led by staff to the seat assigned directly. They should remain seated with their masks on at all times.

During the Competition:

  • Contestants are required to put on a surgical mask properly and should not remove it. Those who refuse to put on their surgical mask will be regarded as having breached the competition rules.
  • Contestants may only drink water with invigilators’ permission.
  • Invigilators are authorized to disqualify contestants who are sneezing, coughing or showing other symptoms. They will be asked to leave the venue.

After the Competition

  • At the end of the competition, contestants should follow the instructions of the invigilators to leave the competition venue in batches.
  • Contestants must not gather near the exits.
  • If there are further local outbreaks of COVID-19 that the EDB announces the suspension of in-person classes:
    1. on/before 7 May, the competition will be held online on the scheduled date (i.e. 15 May)
    2. after 7 May, the competition will be rescheduled and held online
  • In the Online Final Event, contestants will be required to stream their computer screen to the invigilators via Zoom and the streams will be recorded. Eligible finalists can choose to compete online or withdraw from the competition at their discretion. Schools and teachers should respect contestants’ decisions on whether to compete in the online Final Event.
  • Contestants should use the same username and password they used at the screening round to access the final competition coding arena.
  • The contestants may modify their codes during the competition time. (i.e. 13:00 – 15:30)
  • Final competition coding arena will be available in both English and Traditional Chinese. The competition format is similar to the screening round, and the difficulty level is between Computer Science 3 and Computer Science 4 modules of the CodeCombat learning platform.
  • Contestants will be allowed to code in Python, JavaScript, C++, Lua, or CoffeeScript. Please note that Python and JavaScript are strongly preferred. The other languages are still in beta version and may not be stable.
  • During the competition, contestants are only allowed to open the final competition coding area on their computer. All communication tools are strictly forbidden.
  • Contestants are not allowed to enter the competition venue 30 minutes after the competition starts.
  • Each contestant should use their own computer (Client Computer) to connect to the coding arena provided by the organiser. Each contestant will also be provided with 2 A4 papers (both sides can be used), and a maximum of 5 A4 papers upon request, while they will have to bring their own stationery. Contestants are not allowed to use any other written or electronic resources in the competition.
  • Contestants may input or amend their code in an offline word document (such as Microsoft Word or Text file) before submitting onto the CodeCombat platform.
  • During the competition, contestants are allowed to seek clarification on the wordings of the coding arena from the Adjudicators. Should the condition deem necessary, the clarifications will be announced to all contestants. Clarification related to specific codes will not be entertained.
  • Client computer: 
    • A laptop which can connect to a Wifi network 
    • RAM: at least 4 GB
    • Operating system: Windows/ MacOS
    • Browser: Chrome is recommended
    • Display: each contestant may only use one display, external display is not allowed
    • Input devices: Keyboard, mouse/ trackpad. Please note that external mouses are allowed, while external keyboards will only be allowed under below circumstances:
      • The built-in keyboard of the laptop is malfunctioned
      • A tablet e.g. SurfacePro is used for the competition

A contestant may be disqualified from the competition or suffer a penalty if the contestant:

  • cheats, attempts to cheat or helps other to cheat
  • does not meet the eligibility for the school division
  • improperly obtains or attempts to obtain knowledge of the final competition coding arena prior to the competition
  • has unauthorised physical or electronic article(s) within reach during the competition, whether or not the article(s) could be used for cheating
  • communicates or attempts to communicate with any persons during the competition in an attempt to gain unfair advantage
  • leaves their assigned seat without invigilator’s permission
  • tampers with the competition arena, other contestants’ work, system network and/or other systems
  • starts to read or work on the competition arena before being instructed to do so or continues to hold any stationery or work on the competition arena after being told to stop working at the end of the competition
  • disobeys the reasonable instructions of an invigilator
  • Serious offenders may be banned from all future ICE Challenge-related activities

Q: Is the contestant allowed to use mobile phones during the competition? 

A: No, mobile phones and any other communication devices/ tools are strictly prohibited. Any violation will result in disqualification or penalty.


Q: Are parents allowed to stay at the venue?

A: Due to social distancing policy, we are sorry that parents are not allowed to stay at the venue.


Q: Can the contestant use a tablet instead of a laptop?

A: Laptop is strongly recommended as contestants will need to type their codes.


Q: Can the contestant use the restroom during the competition?

A: Yes. However, the contestant must seek permission from an invigilator. Besides, the contestant is not allowed to communicate with others while using the restroom.


Q: Are contestants required to stay till the end? 

A: Certificates of achievement will be presented to all the finalists at the awards presentation ceremony. Contestants are required to stay until the end of the event.

General Rules

  1. School Division:
    Students can register through school nomination. Every school can nominate up to 4 students.
    For schools with both primary and secondary sections, they can nominate up to 8 students. All schools are welcome.
  2. Open Division: Students who are not nominated by schools can register through nomination by partner organisations. There is a quota of the number of students to be nominated by partner organisations. The quota varies according to the number of students associated with the organisation, and the nomination process of the organisation.  For entities wishing to become a partner organisation, please email [email protected] to apply.


Secondary school students and primary school students compete separately at both School Division and Open Division. There are four competition groups at the Competition Screening Round: School Division (Secondary School), School Division (Primary School), Open Division (Secondary School), Open Division (Primary School)


Primary and Secondary School Divisions

The primary and secondary school divisions are separated according to the school’s academic system. The division is based on the academic year 2020/2021 grade the student is enrolled in. Please find detailed guidance for the divisions below.


Hong Kong/ 






Primary Division P1  Grade 1Year 2
 P2Grade 2Year 3
 P3Grade 3Year 4
 P4Grade 4Year 5
 P5Grade 5Year 6
 P6Grade 6Year 7
Secondary Division S1Grade 7Year 8
 S2Grade 8Year 9
 S3Grade 9Year 10
 S4Grade 10Year 11
 S5Grade 11Year 12
 S6Grade 12Year 13
Region Organisations Link
Hong Kong Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers, HKUST Website: Competition Page:
Hong Kong Encode
Hong Kong Hour of Code Hong Kong Website: Competition Page:
Hong Kong iCanCode
Hong Kong INSPIRE Education
Hong Kong STEM Work
Macau Macau Science and Technology Innovation Education Association
Macau Unicorn Coding Academy
The Competition Secretariat Caprikon Education will also invite the 4 Code Quest 2020 Global First Prize winners to participate in the ICE Challenge 2021 (Hong Kong & Macau) Open Division
  • School Division:
    • Application opens on Jan 19, 2021 (Tue)
    • Application closes on Feb 5, 2021 (Fri)

  • Open Division:
    • Application opens on Feb 8, 2021 (Mon)
    • Application closes on Feb 26, 2021 (Fri)
*Each school may nominate up to 4 students. Schools with both Primary and Secondary sections may nominate 4 students from each section. Students compete individually.
**There will be no school division and open division in the final round
(The numbers in brackets refer to the number of participants proceeding to the next round)

Participants of the screening round can make use of CodeCombat platform Computer Science 1-3 to study Python, enter the arena and challenge other contestants. The level of difficulty of the screening round is close to CodeCombat Computer Science 2. Based on the results, the system will score objectively. The winners will proceed to the final, relevant information regarding the number of final round places is listed in the “Competition Mechanism Overview”


The principle of score calculation: The computer system ranking is based on Bayes Theorem, the number of winning and losing rounds are also included in the calculation. Participants can enter the arena to check their rankings at any time and submit code repeatedly to optimise the algorithm and  improve their rankings.

Tips: Players will earn higher scores if they defeat contestants with higher scores, and earn lower scores if they defeat contestants with lower scores. Similarly, if players lose to contestants with higher scores, they lose fewer scores. On the contrary, they lose more scores when they lost contestants with lower scores.


Participants of the screening round will receive information about CodeCombat platform and entering the arena via email. Further details about the competition will be addressed during the student workshop in mid-March.


The International Coding Elite (ICE) Challenge 2021 (Hong Kong & Macau) final is planned to be held in person around mid-May, but depending on the future health situation. The format of the competition is similar to that in the screening round, participants will compete in primary school group and secondary school group separately, but will no longer be divided into school division and open division.

The level of difficulty is close to CodeCombat Computer Science 4.

Participants advance to the final round are allowed to use CodeCombat Computer Science 1-5 to study Python.

The details of the final round will be announced in due course. The format will be made reference to the CodeCombat competition organised by the National University of Singapore.

Students from primary one to secondary six require nominations by either schools or partner organisations in order to take part in the competitions. Each student participant will compete individually.

Primary School Prizes:

ChampionTrophy + iPad (8th Gen) WIFI 32GB 
1st runner-upTrophy + Canon Photo Printer
2nd runner-upTrophy + Canon Photo Printer
Top 16Gold Award Certificate + Represent HK & MO to participate in Global Final + CodeCombat CS1-6 license (duration of 4 months)
All finalistsSilver Award Certificate + HKUST Professor AI/ Electronics Webinar
Students ranked top 40% in the screening roundBronze Award Certificate
All participating studentsCertificate of Participation

Secondary School Prizes:

ChampionTrophy + iPad Air WIFI 64GB
1st runner-upTrophy + Canon Photo Printer
2nd runner-upTrophy + Canon Photo Printer
Top 36Gold Award Certificate + Represent HK & MO to participate in Global Final + CodeCombat CS1-6 license (duration of 4 months)
All finalistsSilver Award Certificate + HKUST Professor AI/ Electronics Webinar
Students ranked top 40% in the screening roundBronze Award Certificate
All participating studentsCertificate of Participation

If you encounter any problems, feel free to send an email to [email protected] or WhatsApp 6521 9562 to contact the competition secretariat Caprikon Education. 

Caprikon Education, the Competition Secretariat, reserves the right to amend the rules to the competition at any time, without prior notice.