Frequently Asked Questions

Students can explore programming in an exciting way and exchange knowledge with 20 million fellow CodeCombat students around the world while cultivating their problem solving skills to face obstacles. Students can learn while competing and be readily equipped for their future.

Students can apply through the nomination of school (School Division) or organisations (Open Division). For detailed information, please refer to the rules on our website.

We will use the CodeCombat platform. The screening round is held online while the final will be held in-person. For detailed information, please refer to the rules on our website. 

Students’ scores are calculated and ranked based on the results of the matches in the arena. 

The competition is free-of-charge.

No, there is no age limit for participants. As long as the participating students are residents of Hong Kong or Macau and are studying in primary or secondary schools, they can take part in the competition. For detailed information, please refer to the rules on our website.  

Kindergarten students can participate in the primary school section through our open division nomination partners. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for further details.

Yes- you do not need programming background in order to participate in the competition. It is expected that students will learn programming skills during the competition.

It has come to our attention that the CodeCombat server we will be using for the competition is unavailable in Mainland China. Unfortunately, this means that students residing in Mainland China will be unable to fully participate in this year’s Coding Competition. If your school/ organisation has nominated students residing in Mainland China, you will be permitted to revise your student nominations in respect to these students, please reach out to our team at [email protected] by February 26th (Friday).


Please note, CodeCombat is still usable across Mainland China, however, the competition arena requires customisation and is not readily deployed on the relevant server for users based in Mainland China to access.

Yes. Students will be able to change their code up until the end of the Screening Round.

You will be able to view the students’ ranks on our website and on CodeCombat interface. Please see the “Competition” page for details

If you want to check students’ learning progress on the CodeCombat platform, we are organising a teacher sharing session at the end of March to share more details.