International Coding Elite Challenge 2022

Our Objective

ICE Challenge is an international competition that assembles APAC’s most promising young coders to compete, program and learn from one another. ICE Challenge uses the most innovative software and challenges to inspire young people to think outside of the box, demonstrate resilience and overcome difficulties.



Strategic Partners

District Competition Co-organisers

Supporting Organisations

Competition Secretariat

*Organisations are ranked in no particular order

Ozaria Competition

Ozaria is an interesting and interactive coding platform designed for girls to create their own games and stories.

Primary Division: P4-6
Theme: Create your Digital Game

Secondary Division: S1-3
Theme: Create your Digital Story

  • Adventure based gamified learning platform
  • Learn Python through games
  • Win awesome prizes!

CodeCombat is an online coding learning platform that engages students with basic building blocks of Python, the fastest growing programming language.

12 million



Schools using platform

Suitable for all

ages and levels

Primary Division: P1-6
Secondary Division: S1-6

Learn Python and Compete in the Arenas!

Put your skills to the test in CodeCombat’s special arena and see your results on the leaderboard!

  • Real time leaderboard and stats
  • Build strategy and plan your moves
  • Use coding to solve problems

VR Escape Room Competition

Co-organised by:

In this competition, students learn how to create their own Virtual Reality Escape Room with CoSpaces, a K-12 friendly 3D environment that uses block-based coding.

Primary Division: P4-P6 Students
Secondary Division: S1-5 Students

Create your own VR Escape Room

Use your creativity to create an escape room using hints and clues to guide your participants a way out! 

  • Visualize how to create in a 3D environment
  • Learn principles of game mechanisms
  • Use coding concepts to create fun interactions inside your game