CodeCombat Competition

CodeCombat is an online education platform for learning software programming concepts and languages. This learning platform is recommended for students aged 9–16. Students learn to type coding languages like JavaScript, Python, HTML and CoffeeScript, as well as the fundamentals of computer science.


For more details on rules and regulations, please click into the respective round.

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CodeCombat is an online coding learning platform that engages students with basic building blocks of Python, the fastest growing programming language.

12 million



Schools using platform

Suitable for all

ages and levels

1. Learn Python

Navigate through CodeCombat’s learning map and problem solve through each level!

  • Beginner friendly (welcome P1 to S6 students)
  • Text-based coding
  • Access on web browser

2. Compete in the Arena

Put your skills to the test in CodeCombat’s special arena and see your results on the leaderboard!

  • Real time leaderboard and stats
  • Build strategy and plan your moves
  • Use coding to solve problems


Free Python training workshop by experienced ICT Panel

Students will be equipped with Python fundamentals, the most in-demand programming language, and competition tips to put their best foot forward.

Chance to compete in International Championships

Outstanding students will be nominated to represent Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to participate in international coding championships.

Flexible online participation for all students

Students can join the workshop and screening round remotely on their own devices. The District Final Competition and Grand Final will be held physically.

Overall Schedule

19 Nov 2021 (Fri)Webinar on “Introduction of HK-MO-TW ICE Challenge 2022” (Click to rewatch)
19 Nov 2021 (Fri) – 21 Dec 2021 (Tue) Nomination by schools 
19 Nov 2021 (Fri) – 28 Dec 2021 (Tue)Nomination by partnering organisations
14 Jan 2022 (Fri) – 14 Feb 2022 (Mon)District Competition – Screening Round (Hong Kong)
1 Mar 2022 (Tue) – 31 Mar 2022 (Thu)District Competition – Screening Round (Macau)
21 Jan 2022 (Fri)Online workshop for participants (Cantonese)
22 Jan 2022 (Sat)Online workshop for participants (English) 
25 Feb 2022 (Fri)Announcement of finalists entering into Grand Final (Hong Kong)
8 Apr 2022 (Fri)Announcement of finalists entering into District Competition – Final Round (Macau)
16 Apr 2022 (Sat)

Online briefing session for finalists

25 Apr 2022 (Mon) – 2 May 2022 (Mon) 1-week Online Battle
6 May 2022 (Fri) Top 12 Result Announcement
14 May 2022 (Sat) Additional Round for Top 12 from each division
22 May 2022 (Sun)Online Awards Presentation Ceremony


Application for the competition can only be completed via nomination by school / our partnering organisations. Students who are interested in joining may approach their schools / our partnering organisations for application. Teachers will receive a confirmation email upon submission of the application form


For schools:

Application opens on 19 Nov 2021 (Fri) 2:00pm (GMT+8)

Application closes on 21 Dec 2021 (Tue) 2:00pm (GMT+8)


For partnering organisations: 

Application opens on 19 Nov 2021 (Fri) 2:00pm (GMT+8)

Application closes on 28 Dec 2021 (Tue) 2:00pm (GMT+8)



Students will compete on an individual basis according to the below divisions:

  • Primary Division: Students attending primary schools in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
  • Secondary Division: Students attending secondary schools in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

The primary and secondary school divisions are separated according to the school’s academic system. The division is based on the academic year 2021/2022 grade the student is enrolled in. Please find detailed guidance for the divisions below.

 Hong Kong/ MacauTaiwan/ USUK
Primary Division P1  Grade 1Year 2
 P2Grade 2Year 3
 P3Grade 3Year 4
 P4Grade 4Year 5
 P5Grade 5Year 6
 P6Grade 6Year 7
Secondary Division S1Grade 7Year 8
 S2Grade 8Year 9
 S3Grade 9Year 10
 S4Grade 10Year 11
 S5Grade 11Year 12
 S6Grade 12Year 13


  • Each school may nominate up to 12 students for each of the school divisions (Primary Division & Secondary Division). Teachers may click the below button for online registration. *Please note that each school may only submit the registration once.
  • Each partnering organisation may nominate up to a total of 30 students to participate in both Primary Division & Secondary Division. Partnering organisations will receive further instructions from the competition secretariat on the nomination process. For organisations interested in becoming a nomination partner, please email [email protected]

Partnering Organisations

Region Organisation Link
Hong Kong Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers, HKUST 
Hong Kong Encode
Hong Kong Hour of Code Hong Kong 
Hong Kong iCanCode
Hong Kong INSPIRE Education
Hong Kong STEM Work
Hong Kong The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong
Hong Kong The Rotary Club of Hong Kong
Macau Macau Science and Technology Innovation Education Association
Macau Unicorn Coding Academy
Taiwan  AI4kids

ICE Challenge 2021 Highlight

If you are using mobile device, click here to watch the video.

Testimonial from past CodeQuest Winner

If you are using mobile device, click here to watch the video.